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Website Design is Another Important Piece of the Marketing Puzzle

In today’s digital world, having a professional website is no longer optional. With the majority of users now turning to the Internet to help make their purchasing decisions (whether they are “shopping” for a new physician or a pair of shoes), having an online presence has become a crucial part of establishing relationships with patients, clients, and referral sources. Additionally, it’s a way of opening new channels of communication.

Shandy Creative Solutions has the knowledge and experience to make an impression with your existing and potential customers/patients/etc. Using captivating design with intelligent yet simple content, we have the tools and experience it takes to make your business stand out online. What sets us apart from most other companies out there is that it doesn’t matter how large or small your practice is, or how large or small your website will be. We’ve got the appropriate mechanisms in place to satisfy your needs.

Our 4-step process, the 4 C’s, allows us to build you a beautiful, custom website, no matter if you want a bunch of bells and whistles, or if simplicity is what you have in mind. Best of all, we take care of the details, so you can focus on what you do best.

Website- 4 Steps


If you have a clear vision for your website, fantastic! Let’s review that. If you don’t, that’s okay, too. We work together to figure it out. You will be sent a questionnaire to use for “collecting” the parts needed to build your site. Lastly, you’ll be sent a list of things necessary for the design, like your logo, photos, forms or applications, etc.

Some companies get their copy writing team to write pages of content, and that can get expensive. We can get copywriters to write content, but we have always believed that you know what you want to say better than any copywriter!

Before moving on to the next phase, we try to have a clear idea of what your website should say and a rough idea of how it should look.



Here’s where we get creative! “Customize” is about the overall look and feel you want the site to have. If the website is simple, with just a few pages, we can usually start with a homepage showing colors and navigation.

If the site is complex, we start with a wireframe. This will show the site’s basic framework — to determine the navigation and placement of graphics.

Once you’re happy with that, we’ll work with you on color choices, appropriate images, videos, links to include, and the overall look of the site. By the end of the design phase, everyone will have a clear idea of what the site is going to look like and how it should function.


Your site is officially under construction. We make sure your content is search engine friendly and that everything flows and works as it should.  We do a thorough QA review of the site to make sure all the links work and then a cross-browser check to make sure the site looks the way it should no matter the browser being used. Since most websites are now “responsive”, we make sure things display as expected on a variety of mobile devices. 

The development process continues until you are completely satisfied with the website. We’ll incorporate any reasonable changes as quickly as possible. When you are ready, we’ll move on to the final step.



Once you approve the site, it goes live (takes 24-48 hours to show up online), and we notify all the major search engines.

We schedule a training session so your staff can learn how to easily edit the content. As an option, since we encourage at least 6 months of support, we can make minor changes for you at no additional cost.

From a large complex website with 50 pages or more, to a small 5 page websites, we’ve done it all!