Online, first impressions count...your website design is what first captures the visitor's attention

Online, first impressions count...

your website design is what first captures the visitor's attention

What defines a good website design??

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We are diverse, experienced, knowledgeable and CREATIVE!


“Unlike sitting at a computer screen, printing is very direct and hands on.” Christian Marclay  (click the word)


“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Henry Ford   (click the word)


“A failed design draws attention to itself; a successful design is invisible.” John D. Berry   (click the word)


“Almost overnight, the Internet’s gone from a technical wonder to a business must.” Bill Schrader  (click the word)


Hello! and Welcome

…to our new website. We try to stay current just like we encourage our customers to do, so we
thought it was time to follow our own advice. This has been a very serious labor of love and
frustration over many, many months. For our customers’ websites, we partner with some
outstanding web design firms. They do the heavy lifting while we drive, making sure our
customers’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded.


To better understand the nuts and bolts of the process from the development side, this site was
built without knowing any coding (hence the frustration). Why torture ourselves?? To better
understand possible hurdles, which would ultimately benefit our website clientele.

Some Interesting Stats

Years in business


States with customers


Industries Served


10 year+ customers


Our History

Medical Practice Front Office

In the early years it was superbills, statements, filing products like charts, dividers, and year bands that were the backbone of our company. We provided business cards, letterhead and envelopes, but marketing products were limited.

HIPAA is Coming!!

With so many concerns about HIPAA, we invented a simple yet effective product for the check-in area for one of our larger customers at their request. It was very well received, so much so that we were encouraged to patent the “method of use”. We were awarded a few patents.

EMR is on the Horizon

We knew it was coming for a number of years. To see all of the filing products business go away was still a gut check, forcing us to regroup. We had dabbled with promotional products already, so we decided it was time to become a full-fledged promo products distributor and add that to our product offering. And it was time to change our name from Shandy Graphics to Shandy Creative Solutions.

Marketing Focused

As our business evolved, we had to evolve personally. Partnering with a variety of web design companies and using our skills for project management was a logical step. We already had plenty of experience managing a variety of marketing related printing projects, so that was one of the final pieces to the puzzle in helping medical practices AND other business look at the total sum of their marketing efforts.

Our Skills

Healthcare Products

Our Amazing Clients

Bitplex 360

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