Bitplex 360

Medicaid Compliant EMR Laser Rx Paper

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Rx Features

 Standard 8½”w x 11”h Sheet
 Scallop Blue or Green Background
 1-Up, 2-Up or 4-Up (perforated)
 On the Shelf for Quick Delivery
 Available for Imprint
 Security Features —
      Void pantograph
      Blue or Green background
     ✓ Rx Thermochromic ink
     ✓ Microprinting in border line
     ✓ Chemical protection paper
     ✓ Line watermark


Obtaining an online prescription has become increasingly popular. Through virtual consultations with licensed healthcare professionals, patients can receive prescriptions without the need for in-person visits. This is particularly useful for managing ongoing conditions or when immediate access to medication is necessary. Online prescriptions ensure that patients receive timely and accurate medical advice, enhancing their overall care.