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About Us

In 1993, two entrepreneurial women combined their individual areas of expertise to establish Shandy Graphics, Inc. With many years of business experience behind both of them, they knew what did and didn’t work in business. They made it work.

One was born into the envelope manufacturingdiecutblanksWeb industry. Grew up in it, spent summers in it…envelope dust ran through her veins. From envelopes, she sidestepped into the forms and commercial printing industry, and has been there ever since.

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The other spent her early years in the financial world, where she put her degree in economics to good use.

Healthcare Changed

Since we opened our doors, there have been so many changes in healthcare. Years ago, our primary focus was to help our customers with their front office paper chaos. Superbills, statements, HCFA forms (remember they were called those back in the day?) letterhead, business cards, appointment cards, charts and all that goes inside the charts- these were the focus of our business. Printed paper products were what we knew and what we did, and still is, a good bit of what we do today.

doctor-on-ipadWith the introduction of EMR, and the push to go paperless, many of those paper products have gone by the wayside. Not all, but many. As healthcare changed, we had to change too. No longer focusing almost exclusively on healthcare, we brought our level of expertise into the mainstream business arena.

We changed our name from Shandy Graphics, Inc. to Shandy Creative Solutions. The reason for this change? It’s NOT that our focus has gotten away from being a printed products vendor, but because we are truly offering creative solutions to our customers.

We help business’ market themselves through printed collateral, direct and email marketing, website development, and innovative promotional products. We help them to create a brand, and show them where, when and how best to use it.