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Having a well designed logo is extremely important to your business and to the branding of your practice or company’s name. It is also important to help attract new patients, referring physicians or customers.

It’s important to understand that a “brand” is not just a logo, a slogan, or the consistent use of these things. It is more of a “philosophy” for any business to live by. In the eyes of your patients, referral partners or customers, your brand is a promise fulfilled, a warranty for outstanding care or service — always. It is what sets you apart from your competition.

When it comes to logo design for medical professionals, keeping a balance between creativity, professionalism and brand identity is tricky. The medical industry is a highly professional one and it needs to be represented that way. A design for a doctor’s office doesn’t offer much room for using clip arts or symbols. However, that doesn’t mean that a simple name can suffice as a proper logo design for medical professionals.

A good logo also serves as the foundation for building a great brand. When people see an eye-catching logo, it will stand out and become memorable. Many times people will remember seeing a cool logo for a practice or company that provides what they need, which is even better because they would probably be the one they contact first.

We are very proud of the designs we have been instrumental in creating to date. With basic input from our clients, we have been able to generate logos at very reasonable rates. There are several options at our disposal; graphic designers with a variety of skill sets depending on the complexity needed for a project.

What we don’t do is charge like the ad agencies.