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Direct Mail

Direct Mail Is Alive

Direct Mail Marketing. Increase brand recognition.

The ultimate objective of any marketing communication program is for the recipient to take action.  Direct mail works, and the statistics speak for themselves. According to InfoTrends’ (the leading worldwide market research firm for the print and digital media industries) a recent survey had these results:

  • 66% is opened.
  • 82% is read for a minute or more.

Another recent study questioning whether people are more likely to read EMAIL or DIRECT MAIL had these results:

  • I am more likely to read direct mail                          33.3%
  • I am more likely to open and read e-mail                 22.9%
  • I read both with roughly the same frequency           34.1%
  • Don’t know                                                                 9.7%

Consequently, if you have been avoiding this type of marketing, for whatever reason, it’s time to give it another try.

Not ALL mailings are marketing oriented. Sometimes a mailing is merely informational. Opening a new location? Moving to a new office? Adding key personnel? Starting a new practice? Postcards, letters, catalogs, event invitations, announcements…no matter the reason or quantity, we’ve done it all.

Don’t have a mailing list? No worries. We can help you work on the demographics so you can get a list that offers the best results possible.