KN95 Medical Grade/3-Ply Surgical

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We are now stocking blank COVID-19 masks. We have medical grade disposable KN95 masks as well as 3-Ply disposable masks. They are available in our Marietta location and are ready for immediate shipment. To put minds at ease, we have researched these products extensively for their authenticity, because as we know there have been scammers selling fakes.

The FDA issued a EUA (Emergency Use Authorizations) on May 7, 2020. It made KN95 masks eligible for authorization with the FDA because important performance criteria were met. Most importantly, the masks meet filtration performance efficiency, which is key to protecting the wearer.

During this pandemic, and into the months ahead, face masks will be a requirement in our daily lives. Since supply was not meeting demand, we added KN95 masks and Disposable 3 Ply masks to our product line.

Both masks are on the most recent EUA. (A copy of the documentation is available upon request.)