Business Lessons I’ve Learned (part 1)

The longer we’re in business, the more reflective I’ve become. Every now and then, I find myself getting reflective on what it is that got me and our business to where it is today. And….I might as well pass these lessons along, to anyone who might be interested. 

  • Loyalty seems to have become a thing of the past. Tough economic times have taken its toll  on the way business is conducted today. Accepting this as the new reality rather than lamenting how it used to be can only be a time and sanity saver. It’s a sad truth, but the good news is that not EVERYONE we come in contact with has accepted this new way of doing business. 


  • Integrity and business ethics are not always interpreted the same by everyone. This has been a harsh lesson; to find out that the rule book others use has a different set of rules than the rule book I’ve been following.   


  • It has never been a good business practice to bite the hand that feeds you. This seems so obvious that it’s especially surprising to find out that some organizations lose sight of this elementary concept. It’s bad business; always has been, always will be . How and why people/companies still do this will constantly be a cause for head scratching.         


  • The Peter Principle (“in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to their level of incompetence”) is sadly still alive and well in our current business world. When I first heard this principle, I was in college and this made no sense to me at all. As my career moved along, I “got it”. The light bulb lit when I went to work for a company that had promoted their best salesperson to “Sales Manager”. I saw firsthand that really good salespeople usually make terrible sales managers. The skill set that made them great in sales is the same skill set that made them an ineffective sales manager.

(to be continued…)