Things Entrepreneurs should STOP doing IMMEDIATELY

I recently ran across an article that talked about things that entrepreneurs should STOP doing. And not just when you get around to it…but IMMEDIATELY.  Original Article 
Briefly, the list included:


The writer makes the point that “no one goes through life unscathed”. We ALL have problems, and sometimes we are all too quick to forget that although our problems are huge to us, everyone else has problems that are huge to them. Whining turns people off, and does nothing to help solve anything. And there is nothing worse than playing the “victim”. Fix it, or move on and deal with it. Those are pretty much our only options.

 Waiting (sometimes known as “procrastination”)

The article says ,”Sure, it is easier to react to situations as they come along and hope to make something good out of them.” It also says, “Waiting for the phone to ring or someone to get back to you is frustrating and nothing is happening while you wait.”
While I agree with this from an overall perspective, I can’t say I’m completely on board with this. YES, we need to get out there and takes steps in the direction of our goals…I get that. However, the days of successful cold calling in most markets has gone to the same place as expecting live bodies to answer a phone, return a call or do business with you just because they like you. Sometimes, a strong and positive reaction to a situation can go a very long way.


“If you know tomorrow is going to be remarkably similar today, then it makes sense to plan.” Couldn’t agree more. We can plan all day, every day, and whatever we plan for will undoubtedly NOT happen. Almost every day I leave the house in the morning with a mental agenda…”I’ve got to get this done, then I want to do that, and lastly I’d like to work on this”. At 4:00 pm I realize that not one thing on my mental agenda got taken care of because unpredictable occurrences took priority. Personally, rather than planning, learning a variety of “work-a-rounds” is significantly more useful.

  Add Stress To Your Life

This one gave me an LOL moment! My first thought was “Duh, it’s not like I voluntarily ADD stress to my life”, so this is a stupid thing to add to this list. However, upon further reading, this made sense on a level I’m guilty of and I’m sure others are too. The writer rattles off inevitable stressors like delayed or cancelled flights, computer problems, traffic jams, staff or family illness.
“Don’t add to them by making your life harder than it has to be by leaving yourself 20 minutes to do something that you know should take an hour.” GUILTY!
 “Delegate the stuff you are bad at (you will be amazed how much stress that will reduce).” I do this, but need to do more of it.

  Contribute To The Drama, Tension and Roadblocks

 “There will be people all around you who like to complain, gossip, whisper and roll their eyes. It makes them feel better for some reason. But it is never productive. Don’t join them.”  Always good advice.

Be Overly Self-Reliant

You’re smart, I’m smart, we are all smart. But that doesn’t mean that we always have the absolutely best answer to very question. “Calling on other smart people occasionally is a good idea.” A useful tool, if you know the right people. Keeping a variety of smart people in your rolodex (does anyone still use these?) is something that frequently comes in handy.